Mother of Invention

When I chose to become an accountant, I never assumed it would lead to inventing a comfortable, fully flexible neck and back pillow. Years working the nine to five meant that the majority of my days were spent sitting at a desk, staring at a bright computer screen and craning over my desk. My work required frequent travels back and forth from Vancouver to Hong Kong. My body encountered enough aches and pains to realize that something needed to change. I knew the source of my discomfort: my office chair lacked proper back support and I could never adapt to the poorly designed airplane seats. No sweater, blanket or commercial neck pillow would give me the comfort, relief and convenience that I was longing for.

Like many aspiring entrepreneurs before me, I thought to myself: “How is there not something better? There just has to be another away!” Discouraged, I sank my head into my hands.

It was then that I was reminded of a childhood photograph. It was black and white; the corners bent and creased from years of wear. My mother was cradling me as a baby with all the warmth and strength only a mother could possess. I was as happy and comfortable as could be.

It was looking at her hands that inspired the cradle shape of the Obedo™ Travel Pillow. Certainly, hands aren’t pillows. But, hands are incredibly versatile and supportive with a slightly soft layer. Hands were the perfect framework for what would solve my problems!

I began by turning to my passion for drawing, and spent my spare time sketching what I hoped would be the perfect solution to so many aches and pains. I researched the history of pillows. To my surprise, ancient forms, though hard as rock, were similar and supported the neck just like my inspired sketches would. I gathered a group of talented professionals and the Obedo™ Travel Pillowbegan taking shape.

Flash-forward to today and the dynamic, flexible, ergonomic Obedo™ Travel Pillow can now be purchased throughout North America and South Korea. Use it in the office to support your neck or back. Take it on your next trip and travel in comfort.

Though the photo that began this journey has long been lost, the memory is forever a part of me. I’m reminded of it when I see my mom. Her hands may not be so strong anymore, but the touch, the warmth and the support is still very much there.

I hope you find the same comfort that my family does with the Obedo™ Travel Pillow. This innovative travel pillow provides better support during work shifts or train and car commutes, as well as greater sleep comfort when used as a knee cushion for side sleepers.

Because really, providing innovative comfort is what Obedo is all about. Try it out yourself!