Obedo Neck & Back Cradle
More than just a travel pillow

For home or travel, it's neck comfort you have to experience.

  • Supports your head and neck
  • Use it for lower back support
  • Great for travel, reading or watching TV
  • Fully adjustable, personalized comfort
  • Moulds and supports your back for long drives
  • Highly compact and portable
  • Completely washable
  • Folds up flat for carry-on luggage, fits in a purse
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The secret formula

How to use the cradle

Chiropractors endorse Obedo.

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How It Works

  • Personalized Comfort

    The Obedo Neck & Back Cradle is infinitely adjustable.

    Here are just a few comfort position ideas:

  • Medium
  • Firm
  • Soft
  • Reverse
  • No. 6

A compact travel companion

The Obedo Neck & Back Cradle is already so small, you can just toss it into your carry-on and it will easily compress. To make it smaller, roll it up tightly and just stuff it into your bag. Or, if you want to make it flat, just watch the video and follow the steps. No more wondering how to carry your travel pillow.

  • 1

    Hold the neck cradle at the cone ends and bend the cone ends together so that it starts to be inside out.

  • 2

    Continue to bring the cone ends together.

  • 3

    Hold down the cradle on your lap or table top with your left hand and pull the fabric fold-over from underneath.

  • 4

    Continue to pull the fabric fold-over over the edge and corners of the cradle

  • 5

    It is even small enough for a purse or the front pocket of a backpack. Just fold and tuck away.

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